Forskningscentre- og enheder

​Forskningen på Amager og Hvidovre Hospital foregår både i tværgående forskningsenheder,  lokalt i hospitalets afdelinger og i Klinisk Forskningscenter.


Klinisk Forskningscenter og Akutmodtagelsen  indgår sammen med Center for Sund Aldring på Københavns Universitet i forskningssamarbejdet ACUTE CAG.

CAG Research OsteoArthritis Denmark
– Prevention and treatment through the lifespan of patients (ROAD)

CAG ROAD vil forbedre livskvalitet for personer med slidgigt også kaldet osteoartrose (OA), som er den mest udbredte lidelse i befolkningen efter allergi.

Clinical Orthopaedic Research - Hvidovre (CORH)

Clinical Orthopaedic Research Hvidovre is a research unit that focuses on topics within the field of orthopaedic surgery.

Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program (CO-HEP)

Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program (CO-HEP), Department of Infectious Diseases, is an internationally recognized research unit in basic and translational virology/immunology focusing on important human pathogens.  A main research focus has been development and characterization of drugs and vaccines against hepatitis C virus, which causes over 400.000 deaths annually worldwide.

Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR)

The DRCMR is one of the leading research centres in Europe within the field of biomedical MRI. A highly profiled international research team translates the latest advances in MRI to examine the brain's function, metabolism and structure.

​Early detection of/screening for malignant diseases

The current research focuses on identification of blood-based, cancer-associated biomarkers that could be used in development of test concepts for early detection of/screening for malignant diseases, primarily colorectal cancer but also extra-colonic cancers. 

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Research – Copenhagen

PMR-C focuses on research in the use of physical medicine to enhance recovery in patients, or to prevent injury or disease.

Sports Orthopedic Research Center - Copenhagen (SORC-C)

The research at SORC-C is centered around prevention, diagnostics and treatment of musculoskeletal problems related to physical activity, specifically the optimization of arthroscopic surgery.

The Research Unit of Orthopedic Nursing

The Research Unit of Orthopedic Nursing is an evidence- and knowledge generating research unit that focuses on patient-centered care of the orthopedic patient.